Dear participant,

RHCC and UNICEF appreciated your commitment to participate in the Human Centered training session. As you recall this approach is a process and we want to learn from you where you are in its implementation within your organization and/or your daily activities.

This post training questionnaire is meant to help us understand the progress/updates on the Human-Centered Design approach implementation in the respective of the institution's trainees.

1. Considering the meaning of Human centered desing , how are you defining the approach with concrete example of your daily activities?

2. Have you got chance to apply the acquired knowledge on Human Centered Design?  If yes? Can you share one or two key experiences/examples on/of the intervention done using the Human centered desing and How you involved the end-users or beneficiaries in the design process?

3. Can you provide any examples of how the Human Centered Design approach improved the effectiveness or impact of your intervention?

4. Can you describe any challenges or obstacles you faced when applying Human Centered Design to your intervention?

5. What capacity needs have you identified while implementing the HCD that need to be addressed, if any?

Subira ahabanza